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Georgette Lare, Retired Federal Employee

"Two years before I retired from Civil Service, I started to read about and think about my Thrift Savings plan. I knew at some point in time I would have to make decisions on where to safely and effectively put my savings. I went to several retirement seminars and learned more than anything that I was not equipped to go the investment route alone.

After researching investors, I found Eric Riggenbach and my contact with Eric was one of the smartest moves I ever made.

Eric has guided me with confidence and patience through the difficult transition from civil service to retirement, and provided significant and effective counsel and a sounding board for many necessary decisions regarding wills, financial safety and security, and one of my primary goals, the financial future of my children.

I have confidence in my financial future and an enormous peace of mind that lets me sleep at night. I could not ask for a more professional, knowledgeable, caring, and patient teacher and guide.

I have given Eric permission to share this letter. I hope others will take the same opportunity as I did and trust an enormous part of life’s difficult decisions to his guidance."


“I have been working with CornerStone for over 15 years. As a Business Owner their Insurance and Financial Planning are vital to my continued success. CornerStone helped me develop business plans and kept me in business when my Partner passed. I would not have a livelihood or my company if it were not for their planning. Bottom Line is they can help you with your Bottom Line! Please take a moment and give the advisors a few minutes of your time.”


“During the past 8 years I have utilized the services of Mr. Riggenbach and CornerStone Financial. The insurance and financial model provided has proven invaluable in my efforts to have a sound financial plan for the future.”


"Coastal Business has worked with CornerStone Financial and Sunshine Benefits since 2005.

They immediately set themselves apart by understanding and helping us build our buy- sell agreement. Then they implemented a true participating benefit package for our key employees and owners.

Through periodic reviews, CornerStone and sunshine grew with us and helped us understand are needs and find the right solutions to meet them.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, our Founder and number 1 share holder died. As you can imagine this had a significant, negative impact on our operations and our future. However, because the right solutions were established we were able to keep employee’s families in place and continue our operations.

Please take a moment of your time and listen to their ideas and concepts – this could change the future of your business."